Our Services

Skywave Aviation offers effective technical expertise for the aviation industry.

Project management in the right way helps you use your time and resources in a better way so that you are always satisfied with the end results.

Our expert in house team takes care of all the little details and professionally deals with the project, from start to finish. We consider ourselves to be the most competent extension for your company to help you with the right project management procedures. Every little detail on the aircraft condition will be shared with you that can help you make better decisions when it comes to lease and purchase agreements.

Our end-to-end and curated service goes beyond the sale or lease and we are happy to serve after completion of the delivery as well.

Lease Management
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Aircraft lease management is a complicated and detailed process. The specialists we have in our team perform the physical inspection all around the aircraft, engine, and the components. With the help of the results from these inspections, the faults, if there are any can be corrected before signing up for the next delivery.

Aviation Asset Management
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Continuous and periodic inspections lead to a seamless working of the aircraft. We offer services to manage and maintain aircraft that are functioning under the lease. The record reviews and timely inspections we conduct benefits our clients largely.

Expert technocrats do full-scale services like maintenance reviews, major check monitoring, and annual/mid-lease inspections, ensuring our clients are always updated have a clear understanding of the condition.

Aircraft Redeliveries/Delivery
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Our expertise lies in proper and thorough project panning, in-depth record reviews, and physical inspections. With the help of this, we assure and confirm the delivery/redelivery conditions for complete compliance. We understand different aircraft have different processes to undergo in different countries and thus we deliver customized solutions for every client. You can also get on-site EOL check monitoring and inspections for your aircraft. The wide range of services under our sleeve includes collaborating with the Technical Management teams, taking care of the non-compliance issues, creation of redelivery binders, and communication with potential customers.

Pre-purchase Inspection
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For the aircraft you are buying or leasing if you do not do thorough and detailed pre-purchase inspections, chances are you will be encountering unknown issues and faults in future. Our expertise and proficiency in pre-purchase inspections go way higher than the industry standards. We believe if we can provide you with all the little details and information, you can help yourself make a better decision and investment.

Our experience in handling multiple pre-purchase inspection projects on a variety of aircraft makes us one of the most reliable companies. The procedures we follow for conducting such inspections include an in-depth records review and detailed physical inspection of the aircraft. In addition to that, we conduct cross verification of the records and inspection and provide you with unprejudiced technical advice.

Engine and APU Management
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Our clientele is global and spread all over the world; hence we have worked on different aircraft engines and provided our expert opinions and services to customers around the globe. We take pride in our capacity to work on and cover all aspects of aircraft engine management.

The services we conduct include Lease Return Condition Review, Oversight and Management of Engine Shop Visit, LLP back to birth trace report, Engine Trend Charts Monitoring and Interpretation, Borescopes reports review and interpretation, LRU/QEC inventory audit, Tabletop inspection, and Maintenance Event Analysis.

But we are not limited to only do these services we are a one-stop solution for your aircraft's Engine and APU management.

Record Digitization and Management
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Digitization is the future and we make it a point to provide you with the most reliable and easy to access data management in a digital format. The record digitization service we offer ensures total safety of each and every data and lets you access it from anywhere at any time.

The services offered by us in this field gives you digitalization and indexing of hard copies of aircraft records, Technical review, Records life cycle management, back to birth tracing, inventory listing, and reporting of discrepancies. We embrace the use of latest technology handled by the experience in house team so that you get a dependable and cost-effective solution for record management.

Aircraft Maintenance and Records Audit
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We are experienced to work on a wide range and varieties of aircraft and owing to that, we can provide you with “tailor-made services” to periodically inform you about your aircraft’s status. With the help of the due diligence of assets, major maintenance check pack review and monitoring, and reporting of non-compliance issues we conduct, it will be easier for you to understand the different aspects of your aircraft.

The well-experienced and knowledgeable team conducts the much important annual/mid-term records review. The process includes meticulous physical inspections and detailed records review of aircraft and associated engines.